How We Helped a Brand New Photo Booth Company Quickly Gain Significant Market Share

How They Decided to Reach the Most Interested Target Market

Two friends opened a photo booth rental company in a suburb of Vancouver, BC. They wanted to promote their services to the region’s 2.5 million people, but they had spent all their money buying their photo booth machine and related supplies and didn’t really have much left for a marketing budget. They knew there was huge potential for their services because they saw on Google’s Keyword Research Tool that an average of around 2,000 people per month were looking for photo booth rentals in the Greater Vancouver area.

After reviewing their options, these budding entrepreneurs settled on using the Geo Page Generator as an ideal way to cost-effectively get in front of this perfect target audience that is actively looking to rent a photo booth. We ended up creating 5 sets of geo pages (unique geographically targeted website landing pages) for the photo booth company covering searches for “photo booth rentals,” “wedding photo booth rentals,” “birthday party photo booth rentals,” “christmas party photo booth rentals,” and “prom and graduation photo booth rentals.” In total we ended up using the Geo Page Generator to create over 100 geo pages for them targeting these topics in their area’s 20 suburbs and municipalities.

The Results

The geo pages worked really well.

  • Within 6 months they were on the first page of search results in the majority of suburbs they serve. As the company became established and received more links pointing to their website, their geo pages increased in strength in highly competitive areas. Their geo pages now bring an average of over 100 unique visitors to their site each month from search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • No other photo booth company in their region has geo pages yet. So they continue to pull in tons of business in almost all the suburbs and communities they serve.
  • Because the geo pages have been so successful, the company has way more business than they can handle and are hiring to keep up.
  • Creating all these geo pages has amplified the company’s activities on their website and given them a lot of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strength. So now as they build links to their site, they can improve their ranking in competitive searches more quickly, and when they build new content on their website, it can rank better in search results and bring more visitors to their website. The synergistic effect their geo pages have with other website content they have subsequently built now results in an average of 370 unique visitors coming to their site each month from search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

How It Works

To show up in Google search results for something people are searching for, Google prefers that you have a specific page on your website that is created specifically for that topic. So if someone searches Google for “photo booth rental [+ the name of a city or community],” Google will typically reward websites that have a specific page dedicated to that topic by showing those dedicated pages in search results.

The tricky thing with this is creating the many dozens of pages you need in order to have a specific page like this dedicated to “photo booth rental” plus the name of each suburb, municipality, or significant community in the area that you serve. You can’t just create one page and mention all the communities you serve. That will only work if no one else mentions that they serve these communities. You also can’t just create one page and then copy and paste it numerous times simply changing the names of the city or community mentioned on each page. Google expects every page you create on your website to be at least 30% different from every other page on your website and on the internet.

Creating dozens or hundreds of pages that persuasively communicate the same message in different words is mind-numbing. So we’ve developed software to do this. All it requires is that you or us create a small portion the total page content you need (depending on the number of pages ultimately needed), and then it creates the rest of the pages with each one reading and flowing as though a human thoughtfully wrote it.

So each geographic landing page created through this process is designed to target a specific keyword phrase (such as “photo booth rental”) plus the name of a city, suburb, or significant area. So for the company we helped in this case study in the Greater Vancouver area, we created a specific geographic landing page (geo page) for Vancouver plus each of its 20 suburbs for the frequently searched phrase “photo booth rental.” Here are some examples of actual geo pages and search terms they are designed to rank for:Photo booth props.

We also created another set of geo pages for “wedding photo booth rentals.” Here are some examples of actual geo pages and search terms they are designed to rank for:

We created geo page for “christmas party photo booth rentals” too. Here are some examples and search terms they are designed to rank for:

Actual Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of these geo pages ranking on the first page of Google search results. The photo booth company we created the geo pages for is indicated in a red box in each screenshot. You can see that these geo pages often rank just above or below Yelp.



 How You Can Reach the Most Interested Target Market

Generally speaking, no one is using geo pages yet in the photo booth industry. This is a significant new, opportunity to get your company in front of super interested people on Google and other search engines who are actively looking to rent a photo booth in your city and the other areas you serve.

We know that many small businesses like photo booth companies have very small marketing budgets. So we’ve taken this technology that big businesses each pay around $250,000 for – and have been using the technology for years – and have compressed it into an affordable package that any small business can afford. You can get going with the do-it-yourself version of our Geo Page Generator for as little as $500. If you’d rather have us do everything for you, we can create all your geo pages for you too.

Once you decide to expand your reach with geo pages, we’ll be happy to share with you which geo pages in this case study worked the best for this company and where you should focus your attention first to get the greatest results.

Get going with geo pages today before your competitors do and leave you behind. Right now first mover advantage is yours.

We’ve also packed our Geo Page Generator with a whole lot of SEO intellegence (based on many years of SEO experience and over 6 years of experience with geo pages in super competitive industries) so that it can analyze the content you create and coach you to develop top notch geo pages that will super charge your website and move your whole site up in search results.