Results of Using Geo Pages

Below are the results of a number of companies that have used our geo pages. So far, we haven’t seen anyone use our geo pages who hasn’t experienced tremendous results.


Example 1: A Small Printing Company

Business: A small, niche printing company targeting consumers.

Why they wanted geo pages: They were looking to reduce their paid advertising and bring in more free, organic visitors. They also wanted to expand their customer base beyond their city and reach a population 10 times larger without paying for any advertising.

How they approached geo pages: They started out with a slow, gradual launch of geo pages over a number of months.


  • Within two months, the geo pages started bringing in noticeable numbers of new visitors.
  • Traffic to their website grew 97% in 8 months and hit its peak level after 21 months.
  • In the end, the geo pages only ended up accounting for 15% of the website’s traffic. However, they helped to boost the website’s ranking in search results so that the whole website ended up bringing in more visitors.
  • Every month, their geo pages continue to bring in hundreds of very targeted potential customers who are looking to purchase exactly what the company is selling.

Example 2: A Regional Non-Profit Organization

Business: A non-profit organization that initially only served a small region.

Why they wanted geo pages: Their advertising budget was limited, they couldn’t create enough content to cover all the topics relating to their service that people were searching for, and competition in their space was intense. A lot of competitors were simply looking to make a profit without actually helping people. They needed a way to by-pass the competition and reach out to the people who truly need their help.

How they approached geo pages: They started out slowly and then once they could see the geo pages were working, they aggressively built 8 different sets of them targeting all the important keywords in their industry.


  • Within 5 years, the traffic to their website increased tenfold (Note: this organization also employed a fairly robust SEO and content creation program which worked synergistically with their geo pages to fuel this growth).
  • With geo pages they were able to massively increase the reach of their service to communities no one else was reaching.
  • Geo pages created natural opportunities for them to expand and test demand for their service.
  • They’re now recognized as a national in their industry.

Example 3: A Local Entertainment Company

Business: A company in the entertainment industry serving weddings, corporate events, and parties in a large metropolitan area.

Why they wanted geo pages: They were a brand new company in a competitive industry looking to establish themselves as one of the region’s top service providers.

How they approached geo pages: They launched geo pages for the top keyword phrases people search for in their industry in all suburbs of the major city they serve.


  • Within 6 months they were on the first page of search results in the majority of suburbs they serve.
  • No other company in their industry in their region has geo pages. So they continue to pull in tons of business in all the less significant surburbs and communities that competitors haven’t specifically targeted with their websites.
  • Because of the geo pages, the company has way more business than they can handle and are hiring to keep up.

Example 4: Company Serving 6 Major Cities

Business: An online company serving consumers looking for specific home services in six major cities.

Why they wanted geo pages: They were a new company in a very competitive industry looking to get in front of as many consumers in the cities they serve as possible.

How they approached geo pages: They launched geo pages targeting the most important keyword in their industry. They also used geo pages to target the major suburbs of the cities they serve.


  • Within a year they were on the first page of search results in almost all the major cities they targeted (Note: the company used a number of innovative approaches in addition to geo pages to fuel their rise in hyper competitive search results in the major cities they targeted. Geo pages played a significant role in their success, but so did some other factors).
  • The company has been a significant player in their industry for close to 5 years now and has since used the same approach with the same success in another industry.

Example 5: Helping a National Agency Survive a Negative SEO Attack

Business: A national agency

The problem they encountered: One of their websites with almost a million visitors per year was hit with a series of focused, negative SEO attacks (presumably the work of a competitor). The attacks succeeded. Google’s algorithm took the bait and penalized the site. Its organic traffic fell by almost 70%.

The Outcome: Fortunately, we had helped the organization lay a solid foundation of geo pages for all their most important keyword phrases. For a variety of reasons – including the natural keyword diversity of geo pages and much lower competition for geo page keywords – the geo pages weren’t affected as badly as the rest of the website and helped to keep the organization afloat while they focused on digging out from the attack. Before the attack, geo pages accounted for 16% of the agency’s organic visitors. While the attack had its effect, their geo pages brought in 34% of their organic visitors.

It took the agency about a year to recover from the attack, but their geo pages proved their value in an unexpected way: they sort of functioned as an insurance policy kicking in, helping people searching Google for the agency’s services to continue to find them even when the website’s most popular pages were pushed way down in Google search results.