How to Use Any Remaining Geo Pages to Help You in the Future

If you have some geo page spots in your generator left over after you’re done launching geo pages in all the important cities or communities you want to target, you can potentially use the remaining ones to stay relevant for the keywords you are targeting and make life easier for yourself in the future (in referring to having some left over geo pages left, we’re referring to having some blank spaces remaining in the generator that you could fill in with the names of more target cities if you wanted to).

For your website to become authoritative on a keyword topic, Google looks for at least 9 pages on your website that are optimized for that topic, plus they look to see if you do a good job of covering related keyword topics. So if you’re a plumbing company and you launch a whole bunch of geo pages for “<city> plumbers” (<city> replaced by all the communities you serve), Google will likely soon recognized your website as being authoritative for that topic. However, if you also launch geo pages for the keyword topics that Google sees as being closely related to this main topic, then you’ll most likely become even more authoritative. Related topics would be phrases such as “<city> toilet plumbing”, “<city> bathroom plumbing”, or “<city> pipe plumbing”. In the months that follow launching all these pages, it’s normal to see a dramatic increase in traffic to your website. Google looks for and tries to reward fresh content. If you launch all these geo pages and then never create a new page on your website that talks about these topics, you may do fine in an industry where most websites rarely publish new content. However, if your competitors are regularly publishing new content, then Google will be comparing you to them. To stay competitive, you’ll need to also publish new content on your important keywords every once in a while (the frequency will entirely depend on what’s happening in your industry).

This is where your left over geo pages can help you. There are quite possibly some communities you didn’t target with the first round of your geo pages because they may not have enough searches yet to warrant a geo page. However, people are getting more specific and more local with their searches all the time. In time it may make sense for you to create geo pages that target smaller communities.

Create a list of smaller communities it may make sense to target at some point in the future. Then ad that list to your geo page generator in the left over city slots. Estimate how many times you will need to launch a new page on a particular keyword topic in order to remain relevant for that keyword topic. If your competitors aren’t creating much new content, then maybe you only need to create one new page on this topic every 6 months or every 12 months. Use your new list of smaller communities and your left over geo page generator slots to create a new geo page for every once in a while for the keywords you want to remain competitive for. Doing this will help to keep your website “fresh” from Google’s perspective, and using your left over geo page slots can make this much easier for you.

Bonus: Another Idea to Help You Out in the Long Term

Another way to keep your website fresh is to create a blog. However, it’s important to blog strategically. With a strategic blog, you only need to blog once a month or maybe even once a quarter if your competitors aren’t creating a lot of new content. Use the blog to create content that you need for your website – that is the purpose. The purpose is not to create a following but rather to keep Google happy and create strategic content that people are looking for who might need your services.

For your strategic blog, create a list of keywords that you need to remain current for (the keyword topics you targeted with your geo pages), and find more topics that people are interested in by using the Keyword Research Tool in Google Adwords. If you can hire an SEO expert to help guide you in setting this up and to help you create your keyword list, that would be likely be very helpful to you and help to ensure that you receive the maximum return on your investment of time and money.

To minimize what you need to spend on an SEO expert, you can drop any blog posts you create into a fresh copy of the geo page generator and have it analyze the content you create. It can point a host of potential problems with your content and likely help you optimize it to a very good level. If you do hire an SEO expert to help you out and you used the geo page generator to help you optimize your content, that should make things way easier for your SEO person so they can be far more productive and effective.


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