How to Verify URL

To create new pages on any content management system (WordPress, Drupal, Jumla, etc.) requires that you go to a specific URL (web page address). Usually this is hidden from your view as you simply click on a “Add New” page button or link and it automatically takes you to this URL. For the geo page generator to automatically publish the geo pages that you select, it needs to open up this URL after you login to your content management system and then send all the new page information to this URL. This URL should always be the same on everyone’s specific content management system. However, if you’re having a problem automatically publishing the pages you select in the geo page generator, you may want to verify that the URL it’s trying to publish pages to is correct. Here’s how to verify the publish page URL in various content management systems.


On the menu column on the left hand side of WordPress, click on “Pages”. On the small drop down menu that appears, let your mouse hover over the “Add New” option. In you browser, you’ll see a URL appear in the bottom left corner of your browser. This shows you the URL that you will go to if you click on that link. To copy this link so you can easily compare it to the URL in the geo page generator, right click the link (see an example in the image below).

Right click on WordPress Add New page link.

In the menu that appears, click on one of the option to copy this URL (in Chrome click on “Copy link address”, in Internet Explorer click on “Copy shortcut”, in Firefox click on “Copy Link Location”, and in Edge click on “Copy link”). Below is an example from Chrome.

Click on copy link address in right click menu.

Once you’ve copied this URL, go back to the geo page generator in Excel, and paste the URL above the URL you’re trying to verify. Now you can compare the two to make sure they are the same. If they’re not, then replace the URL in the blue box with the one you’ve copied from your content management system.



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