How to Turn Macros On in Excel

Excel gives you the option to enable “active content” when you first open an Excel worksheet that has macros, visual basic code, or other such features built into it. These features allow Excel worksheets to do amazing things. However, Excel automatically disables macros and extra code as a precaution because it’s possibly nasty people could use these maliciously. If you trust the source of an Excel workbook, then you can enable this specialized content. Here how to do it:

Click the “Options…” button that appears with the “Security Warning”.

Click options button to enable macros, visual basic code, and active x in Excel.

Next, a “Security Alert” window will appear. Select the “Enable this content” option, and then click “OK”.

How to enable macros and activex content in Excel.

All extra content in the worksheet will now be available to you. The geo page generator doesn’t actually use these extra features until tab 4. They are only used there if you choose to use the auto-launch feature by placing check marks beside city pages you’d like to publish and then clicking on the big, green “Publish Selected Pages” button. So until you get to this part of the process, you don’t need to enable this extra content if you don’t wish to.


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